Dropbox Core SDK for Python

A Python library that for Dropbox’s HTTP-based Core API.

Package documentation


You can install this package using ‘pip’:

pip install dropbox

Getting a Dropbox API key

You need a Dropbox API key to make API requests.

Using the Dropbox API

Full documentation: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/core/

Before your app can access a Dropbox user’s files, the user must authorize your application using OAuth 2. Successfully completing this authorization flow gives you an access token for the user’s Dropbox account, which grants you the ability to make Dropbox API calls to access their files.

Once you have an access token, create a DropboxClient instance and start making API calls.

You only need to perform the authorization process once per user. Once you have an access token for a user, save it somewhere persistent, like in a database. The next time that user visits your app, you can skip the authorization process and go straight to making API calls.

Running the Examples

There are example programs in the example folder. Before you can run an example, you need to edit the .py file and put your Dropbox API app key and secret in the APP_KEY and APP_SECRET constants.

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